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Self service dog wash made easy

Our dog wash stations make bath time a breeze

There are many things to love about winter – hot chocolate, snuggles by the fire, cosy woolen jumpers, family movie nights. In fact, cold weather brings people and animals together like no other season, as we cocoon at home, preferring to curl up on the couch. But there’s one thing guaranteed to kill any winter buzz – a stinky, muddy dog tracking grime all over the rug, sidling up to you on the sofa and the smell of who-knows-what-they’ve-rolled-in! 

With windows and doors firmly closed to keep the heat in, the atmosphere at your place might be a little on the nose! A timely visit to Nose to Tail’s Self Service Dog Wash is the answer to your prayers - it’s the dog equivalent of a trip to the spa.

Keep your doggy smelling sweet

A clean dog is so nice to be near and our do-it-yourself dog wash facilities have everything on hand to pamper your pup.  If you’re a dog bathing first timer, we’re here to help show you the ropes. We won’t leave you floundering, just let us know if you need any assistance.  Our team are experts in making this a fun and happy experience for both owner and pet.

Your choice of dog wash stations

Start with giving your dog a jolly good brushing to rid them of dead, loose and dirty hair. We have deshedding / detangling brushes made for the job! Gently wet your dog’s hair – avoiding the eyes and head, then apply shampoo and massage tenderly before rinsing off. Bring your own shampoo for the ‘Clean Pup’ package or use our NZ made, paraben and petro-chemical free shampoo, in our ‘Mucky Pup’ package. We supply fluffy towels and face cloths, and keep the best dog treats on hand in the dog wash area for a little extra encouragement!

Take your time and enjoy

Relax, you’re not ‘on the clock’ like some other places, which charge by the minute. We want this to be a calm experience for you both, filling you with confidence to do this time and time again. At the end of the dog wash session, our turbo dryers carefully dry sensitive skin and fur, to leave your precious pet smelling sweet and ready to return home. Don’t forget to reward your well-behaved dog with petting and praise!

It’s not just your dog that’s clean

At Nose to Tail Self Service Dog Wash all our surfaces are cleaned and disinfected between washes, plus we supply fresh towels and tools every time. Ask about those little extras that make dog owning easier - we can help with flea rinsing, face trims, nail trims and more.

Beyond winter - why you should be dog bathing more often

Apart from the obvious (mud, dirt, smell!) your dog’s fur acts like a walking rug, trapping dirt, dust, fungi, bacteria and allergens. Plus, as dogs repeatedly lick themselves, their saliva joins the mix and adds to this unhealthy cocktail. Dog bathing benefits his health (less itchy) and yours (less allergens in your environment). But best of all, the close contact of brushing, grooming and dog bathing strengthens the human-animal bond and builds trust.

You don’t need an appointment – you can use our self service dog wash when you both need it! We’re open daily, 7 days a week 9am-6pm.


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