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DIY dog washing stations

DIY dog washing made easy

As dog-lovers, we know the struggle of cleaning your dog at home! The mess, the stress, the piles of dirty towels and water splashed throughout the house.

Here at Nose to Tail, our self service dog wash stations make bath time a breeze. With specially designed facilities and purpose-built dog wash stations, you’ll be able to clean your pooch with minimum fuss!

A stop at the dog wash station

Clean, warm and welcoming, at our self service dog wash facilities you’ll have everything you need to pamper your pup.

Our dog wash stations come with:

  • Waist high cubicles
  • Eco-friendly shampoo
  • Fluffy towels and face cloths
  • Rubber massager
  • Deshedding/detangler brush
  • Turbo dryer
  • Hand-held shower head
  • Grooming tools

With our add on services we can also help you with flea rinsing, face trims, and nail trims.

No appointment is needed – pop in when it works for you!

Self service grooming

Our DIY dog wash facilities are well-equipped with a purpose-built cleaning station and an eco-friendly wash pack; everything you need to make your pup squeaky clean. We also offer this service to owners bringing their own shampoo.

Want us to wash and dry your pooch for you?


Dog grooming at a low-cost. Don’t feel rushed, we don’t charge for time

We know dogs can be pretty expensive; vet bills, dog toys, and weekly food and treats can add up pretty quickly. So, here at Nose to Tail we try our best to keep costs low, so that every pup can be pampered!

Don’t feel rushed, we don’t charge for time

At Nose to Tail, we don’t charge for time, which means you can take your time and spend as much time as you like to give your pooch a good thorough clean. Then you can take your pup home feeling squeaky clean with bright eyes and wagging tails!

dog wash rates Auckland
A reduced price if you wish to bring your own shampoo.

dog washing costs Auckland
Our complete DIY dog wash service and wash pack.

Fed up with the mess of washing your dog at home?


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