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Hydrotherapy for Dogs Auckland

Caring rehabilitation and exercise for your pup

Just like humans, dogs can have trouble with arthritis, joints, muscular problems and other injuries, as well as weight problems like obesity.

Here at Nose to Tail, we are proud to be the first in New Zealand to offer hydrotherapy for dogs; helping you help your dogs live the most healthy, and comfortable life they can.

What is hydrotherapy for dogs?

Hydrotherapy is a form of physio and revitalisation that uses water to help your pup with:

  • Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Weight loss
  • Mobility conditions
  • Fitness
how does hydrotherapy for dogs work

Dog water therapy: assisting your pups in the water

How does it work?
For our hydrotherapy service, we safely secure your pup into a specially designed harness and life jacket, before slowly and gently lowering them into the dog water therapy pool.

To make sure our furry friends are comfortable, we adjust the water heat and strength of the current to each individual dog. And of course, monitor the happiness and well-being of your pup during the whole process.

swimming exercises for dogs


Pain-free exercise for your dog

Just as you go to the gym, your dog needs exercise too, and if your pup struggles with weight, and regular walks aren’t helping; hydrotherapy is the perfect solution.

Health and fitness benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs:

  • 15 minutes in the pool is equivalent to a 90 minute walk
  • Beneficial to older dogs with arthritic joints  
  • The brisk nature of swimming improves heart and lung function  
  • Regular sessions encourage weight loss for overweight or obese dogs
pain free treatment for dogs
benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs

Recovery and rehabilitation

For those of you with injured dogs or pups recovering from surgery; dog water therapy can dramatically speed up recovery time and increase your dogs future quality of life.

reduced joint pressure for dogs

Reduced joint pressure

Water buoyancy takes the weight off of dogs joints, helping them to build up muscle.

encourages circulation for dogs

Encourages circulation

Dog water therapy encourages joint movement, circulation and blood flow.

relieves arthritis pain for dogs

Relieves arthritis pains

Hydrotherapy is beneficial to easing stiff joints and treating dog arthritis.

repair tendons for dogs

Heals tendons

The movement in the water promotes tendon repair and recovery to heal injured dogs.

reduced swelling for injured dogs

Reduces swelling

For injured dogs, or those recovering from surgery; water therapy helps reduce swelling.

improves lung function for dogs

Benefits respiratory system

Swimming and hydrotherapy increases lung capacity and benefits the respiratory system.

Is your dog recovering from surgery or struggling with exercise? Get in touch to book your hydrotherapy session.


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