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Best Dog Grooming Tools & Services

Keep your pup looking and feeling good with Nose To Tail.

At Nose To Tail, we do more than just groom your dog in-store – we provide the tools so you can take care of him at home, as needed. Discover some of our favourite brushes and grooming tools to keep your dog looking beautiful and feeling good year-round. 

This colourful tool can be used to either remove loose or dead hair, or to massage shampoo deeper into the coat when bathing. The rubber “fingers” of the comb also help to massage the skin, stimulating circulation and healing.

The Rubber Zoom Groom works best on smooth-, medium- and double-coated dogs.

Don’t mistake this for a gardening tool – the ‘blades’ are in fact designed to remove your dog’s dead undercoat while leaving the healthy topcoat intact. Drag the Coat King gently along your dog’s coat in the direction of the hair, and the dead and loose hairs will be easily removed.

There are several versions of the Mars Coat King to suit different breeds. Call us to find the right one for your medium-, double-, and heavy-coated dog. They are also suitable for some silky-coated breeds.

Another handy device for removing loose hair from the undercoat, de-matting tools such as this one from the Yours Drooly Shear Magic range also have long curved blades to slide easily into the undercoat, leaving the top coat untouched.

The tool is effortless to use, and has rounded, blunt ends for your dog’s safety. It can be used to remove knots, stop matting before it takes hold, and remove twigs and burrs from your dog’s hair.

There are a range of de-matting tool options available for all dog breeds and coat types. Check out our range online now.  

Pin Brushes

Pin brushes for dogs look very similar to what we use on our own heads. In dog grooming, these are used as a finishing tool.

After detangling your dog’s curly, wiry, or long coat a pin brush can be used to either smooth down a long coat or fluff up a curly one for the perfect look. You can use a pin brush on your small or large dog to redistribute natural oils and help their coat to shine.

Slicker Brushes can be used for detangling and light de-matting work. They are very effective at removing loose or dead undercoat to reduce shedding and stimulate the skin.

Suitable for use on most coat types, you can use this brush on the whole body (taking gentle care around the eyes, feet and groin). Use regularly for best effect, brushing gently in the direction of hair growth.

The Works at Nose To Tail

We love to pamper your dogs with a good trim, brush, wash and dry to keep him looking and feeling good. Bring your dog into Nose To Tail for a grooming session, and let us take care of the mess.


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