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Products to relieve your dog’s anxiety

Our favourite picks from Nose To Tail

One of the best ways to calm anxious dogs is with distraction. A puzzle toy, lick mat, or game to keep him entertained can make him forget about his anxiety - and save your own stress and house in the process!

LICKIMAT Treat Mat & LICKIMAT Wobble Bowl

Spread your dog’s favourite tasty food over the bumps of the Lickimat, and watch as they de-stress while determinately licking until it’s all gone. Designed to make the treat last longer, occupy your dog’s attention, and even clean your dog’s tongue, the Lickimat is a great solution for easing dog anxiety. 

While the Treat Mat is a flat square, the Wobble Bowl adds an element of challenge to getting the treat, as the bowl moves around as they lick!

Suitable for puppies, small to medium dogs, and even cats, the Lickimat is based on scientific findings to produce feelings of calm and wellbeing in your pet.

As this is not a chewy toy, pets should be supervised during first use. Your Lickimat can be washed in warm soapy water, and is microwave and freezer safe.


The SNOOP from Orbee-Tuff is a squishy egg-cup-shaped ball, great for smaller dogs. Hide your treats in the concave half of the ball and let your dog do battle with it, pouncing, nudging, pawing, and nibbling until the treat is gone and he’s happily tired.

You can also partner an Orbee-Tuff Ball or Orbee Nook with your SNOOP, to give your dog even more of a challenge.

K9 Connectables

K9 Connectables are fun, interactive toys that will keep your dog distracted for hours - perfect for a thunderstorm or fireworks night. Designed to appeal to your dog’s natural instinct to hunt for food, they’re challenging and come in a range of sizes suitable for a wide variety of breeds.

Simply pop your treat in the middle, attach the pieces together like duplo, and enjoy watching your dog test his intelligence and teeth against the toy.

Pieces include “The Original”, “The Dentist”, and “The Tech Bone”, each with different shapes and uses. Play fetch using The Tech Bone, clean his teeth with The Dentist, or take it easy on them with The Original.

With different levels of difficulty depending on how they are connected, you can use this toy time and time again for long-lasting and challenging boredom busting.


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