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Home remedies for dog allergies

Natural remedies to help your dog through summer skin allergies

Is your pup suffering from summer skin allergies? If his scratching and discomfort is causing you to worry, it’s time to do something about it.

But with so many options on the market offering relief, how do you choose a solution? At Nose To Tail, we recommend natural remedies for dog allergies when possible, believing that every pet should have the same access to natural healthcare alternatives as we do. 

Natural products are safer for your pet, safer for your family, and safer for the environment, with no nasty ingredients to worry about.

Read on to discover natural ways to help your dog through summer allergies and skin irritations, so he can carry on living his best life. Below are our reviews for some of our favourite natural remedies for dog allergies, or come chat to us in-store to find out more.

Note that if you’re unsure about the cause of your dog’s itching, you should check with your vet before starting a skincare regimen. Stop treatment if your dog’s symptoms don’t improve, or if they worsen.

Home remedies for dog allergies

Your dog’s skin is sensitive, just like yours. So when you’re thinking of making DIY skincare treatments for his itches and irritations, think first of what you’d use on yourself.

Common home remedies include:

  • Oatmeal baths
  • Coconut oil massage
  • Chamomile and green tea soaks
  • Aloe vera (straight from the plant is best)
  • Baking soda salve

The key thing to remember is if you wouldn’t put it on yourself, don’t put it on your pup!

Most of these home remedies can be made from ingredients you already have in your pantry. However, if you need to buy ingredients to make these, ensure that they’re high quality, organic, and don’t have any added nasties like alcohol (in aloe vera gel) or preservatives.

Herbal Creams

At Nose To Tail, we’re a fan of Eezapet itch cream. It can be used for dog allergies on the skin and works quickly to stop soreness or itchiness, as well as helping the affected area to heal quickly.

One thing we love about Eezapet is it’s simple list of all-natural ingredients: beeswax, sesame oil, angelica, cinnamon, figwort, peony and rhubarb. Each of these ingredients contributes to caring for your dog’s skin, hair, and overall health.

This cream is not only naturally soothing, it’s also safe for your dog to lick off!

Easy to apply, it instantly soothes the affected area and can be reapplied regularly as needed, without causing harm to your dog.

Stop by Nose To Tail today to pick up your jar, and see instant relief!

Essential Oil Sprays

The Nose To Tail team have been fans of Essentia Precious Pet spray since we opened in 2002. We use these sprays on a daily basis, as it works on any skin problem, and is 100% natural and non-toxic.

Essential Precious Pet Spray stops the itch and soreness associated with dog allergies straight away — it even takes the sting out of papercuts and sunburn and is our go-to throughout the day as we get cut or scratched in our work. 

“I used to love taking my boys on holiday with me, but different areas have different grasses that can irritate their skin, leaving me with two miserable itchy boys! Spraying this on their skin would see all the irritation gone by morning”

— Kath, owner at Nose To Tail

Made of essential oils (including ylang ylang, cedarwood and rosemary) it works like a conditioner, leaving your dog’s coat shiny, soft and protected. No shampooing is required - it can be used directly onto wet or dry fur for instant effect.

As an added bonus, the essential oils also deter fleas and make your pup smell as precious as he looks!

Allergen-Free Food

Did you know that some dogs have allergic reactions to the proteins in certain meats? To uncover a food allergy, and before putting your dog on a specialised diet, you should consult with your vet to ensure you’re making the right decision for your furry friend.

If you know already that your dog has food sensitivities, you can try them on Go! dog food, which has a “Limited Ingredient” range to ensure your dog gets the nutrition he needs while isolating the ingredients his stomach can handle. Come see our range in store.

Nutrition for your dog is just as important as for yourself

Not all dog foods are created equal, and sometimes they need a little extra boost of nutrition to give your pup’s skin the nourishing assistance it needs.

Any dog with skin problems will benefit from an increase in omegas, which aid natural immunity and bolster skin health. You can boost your dog’s omegas with a daily dose of either flaxseed oil or hoki oil, and start seeing a noticeable difference in their skin and coat.

Good nutrition and omega intake have a multitude of other health benefits, including stronger joints, better digestion and cognitive function.

Talk to Kath and the team at Nose To Tail today about our range of natural remedies for dog allergies


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