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Dog safety tips to care for your pup this summer

Have fun with your furry pal this season with 6 simple tips

It’s December – summer has finally arrived, and we’re sure you’re excited!

Leading into the beach season, we thought it helpful to put together some dog safety tips to care for your pup. While we love nothing more than baking in the sun, our pups struggle a lot more than we do in the heat – what with their thick fur coats and all.

There’s lots of things you’ll want to do this summer, and your pup would love to come along! But there's a few things to consider first – from shady spots, to regular hydration, lets see how you can have fun with your pup safely this summer.

Car safety

1. Invest in a dog car harness

Now that it’s summer, the evenings are lighter and the weekends are warmer – so you’re bound to hit the road for a few road trips!

Make sure to secure a dog car harness in the backseat – because if you want your pup to travel with you, you want them to be safe too. Accidents happen, and when it comes to dog safety, properly strapping in your pup will be key to preventing any harm – not to mention, many fun roadies!

2. Never leave your pup alone in the car

It’s a common mistake to think it’s okay to leave your pal in the car for 30 minutes with the window cracked. But this is not only harmful, but actually illegal.

Heatstroke is all too common for dogs, and leaving your pup alone in the car is very dangerous. Even with the window down, the confined nature of cars means that heat can skyrocket within minutes. Keep your dog safe by taking them with you, or leaving them at home.

Sun safety

3. Keep the water bowl full

Dogs can become easily dehydrated during heatwaves, so now that we’re getting into summer it is vital to keep our pups hydrated with constant access to water!

Ensure to check your dogs water bowl every few hours, because they’re likely to be lapping away more often than usual. And don’t forget to pack an extra bottle and bowl when you hit the beach or go for a walk – hydration is key for dog safety in summer.

4. Always have a shady spot available

While many of us enjoy bathing in the sun, we always slap on the sunblock, put on a hat and take refuge under a tree or sun umbrella.

And for our dogs, safety in the sun means always having access to shade! If you’re off to work for the day, double-check there's a shady spot in the garden for your dog. If your property doesn’t have many trees, set up a large umbrella or canopy – our pups are at risk of heatstroke when left in the direct sun.

Water safety

5. Teach your dog to swim

Many dog breeds are swimmers by instinct – but this isn’t always the case. Ensure to do your research and learn your pups history before taking them for a swim.

If your pup is uncomfortable around water, or you’re unsure how to help them, take them to a dog swim coach or puppy trainer. Or you could try some light hydrotherapy to get your pup comfortable with water. Most dogs love to swim, so once they’re confident in the water, they’ll thank you for it!

6. Watch your pup at all times

Dogs are our responsibility – and just like children, they require constant care and supervision. Rule of thumb when it comes to dog safety in water: never leave them unsupervised.

When they’re enjoying a swim and a splash, keep an eye on them. This is especially important in the ocean, due to the strength and unpredictability of waves and tides.

Take your pup for summer adventures, but don’t forget dog safety

With these top tips, we’re sure you’ll be well-equipped to have the summer of a lifetime with your furry friend by your side.

Take your dog swimming, buckle them in for a road trip, or create a new shady spot – keep your pup happy, healthy and safe this summer.

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