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Celebrating Christmas with your dog

Treat your pup this Christmas with pet treat recipes, dog gifts and more

It’s December – the Christmas season is upon us! It’s time to start decorating the tree, defrosting the Christmas albums and hitting the shops.

But what about our pups? Just like we feel fuzzy inside when we receive a special gift, or eat a yummy treat, dogs enjoy festivities too!

We’ve put together some creative ideas to help you celebrate Christmas with your dog, and make them feel as special as you do this festive season. From Christmas dog collars, to homemade treats – take your pick from our festive ideas. 

A few fun ideas to get festive with your pup this season:

Take them Christmas shopping

While most malls may be off-limits to your furry friend, markets are usually dog-friendly! Be sure to keep your pups tail wagging during your Christmas shopping and perhaps buy them a fresh treat or new doggy toy at your local market.

Search for special dog gifts

Just like you’ll be sure to purchase some special gifts for your friends and family, don’t forget about your furry pal. Whether you pick out a soft, new pet bed or gather some new toys, your pup will appreciate the love your gift shows!

Get creative with pet treat recipes

During the Christmas season we often spend a bit of time in the kitchen baking and cooking yummy treats and feasts. Why not get creative with a pet treat recipe and involve your pup in the festivities? From peanut butter dog cookies to dog-friendly candy canes, there are many recipes out there that are bound to tickle their fancy!

Dress your pup Christmas-y

A fun way to involve your doggo in the festivities of Christmas day is to get them a wee token! You could purchase a Christmas dog collar, or get creative by attaching tinsel to your dogs’ collar. Something extra cute you might try is christmas reindeer antlers.

Create an advent calendar

Advent calendars are an excitement during December! Child or adult – everyone loves opening a little chocolate or treat each day. If you want to treat your pup extra special this year, why not create a doggy advent calendar filled with dog gifts or treats? Your pup will love it!

Keep your pup comfy and rested

While many pups love to be included in the Christmas fun and excitement, for many it can become overwhelming – especially if there are children running around! Make sure your pup has access to their bed, water and toys in a quiet area on this day of all days. 

Don’t forget your pup during the hustle and bustle of Christmas

One of the many joys of owning a dog is the enjoyment of spoiling them and seeing a smile on their face (or the wag of their tail). And now that the Christmas season is upon us, it's the perfect time to treat your furry pal extra special!

You might try a dog gift and purchase them a comfy new bed, or a festive Christmas dog collar. But remember: treating your pup doesn’t always have to cost money. Getting creative with a pet treat recipe, or simply spending more time with your doggo will make them feel special this season.

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