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Why our dogs hear everything

Ever wonder why your dogs ears pop up when all you hear is silence?

Our furry friends are much more intelligent than we often give them credit for! While they may chew our shoes and steal our food, they have senses and instincts that are far more intelligent than our own.

We’re sure you’ve heard of dogs incredible sense of smell – with their ability to sniff out a crumb under the couch or recognise a stranger. But did you know a dogs hearing is just as strong?

Dogs ears are clever

Because our furry pals are descendants of wolves and were originally wild animals, their ears have evolved to hear everything. Along with their sense of smell, a dogs hearing would alert them of any danger ahead, and keep them in touch with their pack!

It has been said that dogs hear up to 4 times the distance that we can – they also recognise higher pitched sounds that are silent to the human ear. That's why we can’t hear dog whistles!

With more than 18 muscles in a single dog ear, your pup hears more than you can imagine. From a siren in the far distance, to a pin hitting the ground, hearing is truly one of the strongest dog senses!

A few interesting facts about dogs hearing

For dog ears, high-pitched sounds are simple

Research has shown that the average human cannot hear sounds above a frequency of 20,000 Hz. But our pups? They can hear sounds up to (and sometimes further than) a whopping 65,000 Hz.

This means that noises above the human ear’s capacity – e.g. the vibration of an insect’s wing, can still be heard by our furry pals. But to us? Zilch.

Have you spent many days wondering what on earth your pup is barking at? Well now you know. Your dogs ears may have picked up a frequency that you can’t recognise.

Everyday noises can be frightening

The noises we hear on the daily – the jug boiling, music playing, a vacuum or a lawn mower – may seem bearable to us. But to our pups, they’re actually quite loud!

Dogs ears are wired to detect quiet sounds, so this means that loud noises are even louder to them. If they seem frightened, try your best to minimise the sound, or perhaps remove them from the situation.

Now that you’ve learnt the science behind your dog's hearing, be sure to take extra care preventing loud sounds when they’re around.

Your dogs ears are always on alert

Dogs are very loyal animals. They get excited when we arrive home from work, they crave cuddles and they follow us around the house – they love us!

Combine this with their survival instincts, our pups are always on the lookout for danger to protect not only themselves, but us as well. Because they’re not in the wild anymore, you are their ‘wolf pack’ – so they’ve always got your back (just like you have theirs).

A dogs hearing is the perfect tool for pack protection. Their ancestors used their ears to listen out for predators or prey – today, our pals listen in to hear any alarming or unusual sounds that may be a threat to their home and family. So when your pup is barking, go easy on them – they’re only trying to protect you!

Hearing is one of the strongest dog senses

Although many of our pups decide to ignore us on the daily – when we call their name to come, or tell them off for jumping on the bench, they may seem like they don’t, but they definitely hear us!

In fact, they hear everything – and while it may be frustrating when they ignore us in the simple day-to-day, they listen when it’s important! Your pup is listening in to their surroundings and territory perimeter.

And hey, you know they’ll always come running when you’re opening the kitchen pantry or shaking their food bowl! 

Do your dogs ears need a clean? Come join us at Nose to Tail – we’d love to meet your furry friend.


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