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Doggy exercise to keep your pup fit

From dog sports to dog care, we’ve got fitness inspiration for you!

Dogs need exercise, just like people. If anything, they probably need it more than we do! With so much energy filling up their four little legs, they need some variation in their exercise routine to help keep them nimble – in both body and mind!

5 doggy exercises for the BODY

There are so many different forms of doggy exercise that can help to keep your pup light on their paws. We’ve picked out our top 7 tips on how you can do just that!

1. On-leash walks

A great way to exercise smaller, fluffy pups, this doggy exercise will help your pooch to grow environmental exposure and awareness.

Walking them around the block everyday will teach them the layout of your neighbourhood, allowing them to find their way home should they ever go exploring off the leash.

2. Off-leash walks

When it comes to large dog care, off-leash walks are essential. Once your pup is trained to go off-leash, take them out for a walk where they can run around, use up all of their excess energy and follow their nose until it leads them back to you.

If you are training your dog to stay close during an off-leash walk, start by walking them on an extended leash or by taking them to an off-leash dog park. Be sure to always have treats handy for your pup to encourage them when they are doing the right thing!

3. Swimming

Taking your pup out for a swim is a great way to get their daily dose of doggy exercise. If you’ve got a beach or a lake nearby, plan a day out! Swimming will help your pup to grow in confidence and in strength.

Whilst breeds such as Labrador Retrievers are natural swimmers, remember that some dogs don’t like swimming. Water can often make pups feel anxious or afraid, and this is totally normal! Try to encourage those doggy paddle vibes but if your pup isn’t feeling it, let them frolic in the field instead.

4. Fetch

The classic of doggy exercise, fetch brings a little tradition back into the arena. It’s as easy as throwing around a ball in the backyard – running around and enjoying some quality time with your furry pal.

If you’re having trouble getting your dog to bring the ball or stick back to you, try tying it to a rope and wiggling the line once they’ve picked it up.

Even if they don’t bring it back to you right away, they’ll likely follow the toy as you reel it back in and eventually understand the concept of returning it to you so you can throw it again.

Don’t be afraid to mix up your games of fetch every now and then, too. Have you ever seen a dog playing soccer? Because turning a normal sport into a dog sport is definitely a thing!

5. Hydrotherapy

Just like swimming, hydrotherapy is a great way to exercise your pooch. It’s especially beneficial to older or injured dogs, as it gets their joints moving in a calm, gentle way. Peaceful dog care for the win!

Here at Nose to Tail, we care for pups everyday with hydrotherapy exercises! A form of water physio and revitalisation for your pup, it also helps dogs with arthritis, weight loss and mobility conditions.

2 doggy exercises for the BRAIN

Humans exercise their brain everyday. We read, talk, think, dream, study, work – everything that we do engages our brains.

Dogs brains don’t get quite so much mental exercise as they would have back in the wild hunting days. Though they don’t have human needs, they do still require mental stimulus to be happy – which means it’s only fair that we give them a helpful nudge in the right direction.

1. Teaching tricks

You can stimulate your pup’s brain by teaching them a whole bunch of neat tricks! This could be anything from a simple handshake or hug to playing dead, speaking up (barking on command) or – here it is again – dog sports!

Some breeds need more mental stimulus than others, which is something to be aware of when adopting a new dog into the family. Working dogs like collies, samoyeds and huskies all require a little extra brain exercise because they are instinctually inclined to herd (a.k.a think).

2. Puzzle feeder dish

This one is a bit more on the extravagant side but definitely worth your dog’s time! A puzzle feeder dish is a mental doggy exercise of the finest degree, where your pup has to figure out the puzzle to get all of their biscuits out.

This both stimulates and exercises their brain, and as an added bonus, comes with a whole lot of well-deserved treats at the end!

Remember – dogs are smart, too! And they deserve all of the doggy exercise – both mental and physical – that we can offer them.

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