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A fab fiesta for your furry friend

Celebrating your pup’s birthday with dog cake, dog clothes, dog gifts and more

We love an excuse to throw a party, and what better reason than for your pooch’s birthday?!

As a part of the family, they deserve to celebrate just as much as you do. There are so many creative ways to honour your dog’s special day, from baking a dog cake and finding the best dog gifts to playing dog party games.

We’ve compiled a list of fun, festive ideas to help you host the best puppy party yet.

How to host a puppy party

1. Party pals

Hailing all dogs in the Auckland region – a puppy party is about to begin!

Throwing a party for your pup is a sure-fire way to make them feel special on their birthday. Invite your neighbours, friends and family over and make sure to get the RSVP from their dogs. If the party is for your pooch, they’ll want their pals to be included, too!

2. Party games

If you’ve got a bunch of doggy pals over, set up an obstacle course for them run through. Think ball pits, miniature pools, limbo and musical mats. Paw painting is also creative and colourful if you’re looking for something a little more artsy.

Playing dog party games isn’t the only way you can celebrate. If your dog is more of a low-key canine, getting outside and partaking in some nature-based activities will bring just as much joy. Your pooch will love you if you take them to explore a new trail or for a swim at the beach.

3. Party presents

The best present you can give your pup is your love (duh!). That being said, it’s totally cool if you’d like to share a little more with them than simple affection. People are constantly coming up with new ideas for dog gifts, whether they be toys, treats, a fancy collar, a stylish dog bowl or a plush new bed.

Whatever your tastes, there is something out there for everyone – and for every dog!

Let there be (dog-friendly) cake!

Can you really call it a puppy party if there’s no cake? Of course not!

There are heaps of tasty dog cake recipes out there made from all sorts of ingredients. If your pup has a sweet tooth, you can create a concoction with honey, peanut butter, fruit and pumpkin! For a healthier option, go for a doggy meatloaf or a dog cake made from minced meat and dog biscuits.

Keep it clean

As with any party, it’s best to contain the mess as you go to make for an easier clean up once everyone has gone home. For a puppy party, you know what that means – poop bags for post-cake pooping!

Make sure that you have some biodegradable plastic bags handy to pick up after your pooch, as well as for any other dogs in attendance. The last thing you want is for your furry guests to make a mess of the park, the backyard, or worse still, the house!

At the end of your pooch’s birthday

Remember to celebrate your pup’s special day in a way that is feasible (and affordable) for you – it doesn’t have to be a costly frenzy. The day is meant to be all about your pooch, and if spending some simple time with them is all you can offer, you can bet they’ll love you for it anyway.

Want to pamper your pooch before their party? Book them in for a groom!


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