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Keeping your pup healthy with doggy exercise

Boost your dog's mental health and fitness with more walkies

A big part of loving your furry pal is taking care of their health. After all, a healthy dog is a happy dog.

And although dogs are very intelligent animals, they are also our “babies”, so they need taken are of. They can’t simply cook a healthy meal or take themselves off to the gym like we can.

Your pups health is fostered by you – which is why regular doggy exercise is important.  

Caring for your pups physical health

Regular doggy exercise can help your pup live a long and happy life – pain-free and care-free.

You want to keep your furry pal by your side for as long as possible, and avoid health problems caused by being overweight. Or obesity – which, unfortunately, is very common in dogs.

Doggy exercise is also important for old dogs to keep their joints moving (don’t over do it though).

Another point with joints, keeping your pup in a healthy weight avoids unnecessary weight on their joints, and can minimise arthritis when they’re older.

A few indicators that your pup needs more exercise:

  • Hefty, heavy body. Obviously, if your dog appears to be “fat” – i.e. you can’t see shape around their waist, or they get around slowly, then they are not a healthy dog and need more exercise.

  • Too much energy. If your pup appears to pace around the house a lot, or be very “jumpy” and won’t relax, they’re probably overdue for some doggy exercise.

  • “Naughty” behaviour. If your furry pal is showing signs of excessive barking, digging or generally being less obedient then they are probably bored from lack of exercise.

A dog’s mental health is important, too

When it comes to your dog’s mental health, exercise is a valuable tool.

As humans we have the luxury of talking out our emotions and crying on a friend's shoulder, but all our pups can do is wait for our help. And exercise is a great way for us to ensure their happiness.

Getting your pup out for a walk or swim can help:

  • Minimise feelings of loneliness. Many pups spend a lot of time on their own – as their owners are at work and school all day – so; regular doggy exercise can help them feel loved and connected. 

  • Let them have fun. As dogs love to explore, taking your pup out for a regular walk or trip to the beach lets them “sniff the sniffs” and see what's happening away from home.

  • Trigger positive emotions. It is a scientific fact that exercise increases happiness and decreases pain and anxiety – the act of exercise lets off endorphins in the brain; triggering positive feelings.

Build confidence in your pup with daily doggy exercise

To ensure you have a healthy dog who lives a long and happy life; exercising them on a regular basis – i.e. daily – is important.

Along with the physical health benefits of keeping them pain-free and problem-free, by going on regular walks or swims you are helping your dogs mental health – keeping their tails wagging all day long.

But you know what else? Exercise actually helps build confidence in your dog.

For example, when you take your dog to the beach or for regular walks around the neighbourhood, you are getting them used to society through:

  • Social exposure. Exercising your pup lets them connect with and get used to being around other people, dogs, and animals – building confidence and minimising behavioural issues like aggression.

  • Environmental exposure. Taking your pup for walks to and from your home can help them with familiarity of their environment, and ensure they know their way home if they get lost.

All in all, doggy exercise benefits your furry pal, so make sure you hit the pavement more often or throw the ball at the beach – your pup will be happier, healthier and more confident.

Here at Nose to Tail, we offer hydrotherapy – a nil-impact doggy exercise option to keep your pup happy and healthy for years to come! Check out our services or give us a call on 09 448 2227


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