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Looking after our pups in the summer heat

Top tips on on preventing heat stroke in dogs

2019 is upon us and this summer is becoming a scorcher. With recent temperatures skyrocketing, we need to take extra care of our pups!

There are a number of dangers to dogs when it comes to the heat, so we need to take extra care and precaution to ensure the safety of our fur babies and avoid heat stroke in dogs.

When a heatwave hits us humans, we cool down with a cold drink, a swim or some air conditioning. If we are feeling really hot, imagine how our dogs are feeling with their furry coats!

So, we thought it might be a good idea to put ourselves in the paws of our dogs (as opposed to shoes) and provide some tips for looking after your pup in the summer heat (as told from their perspective).

Be careful of hot dog paws: hot sand (especially black sand) and concrete/asphalt burns our paws! Try holding your hand on the ground for 5 seconds, if this hurts then it’s too hot for us!

Hydration is number one: we will drink more water than usual! Going out for the day? Please leave more than one full bowl for us. And always bring some with us on walks!

Taking us for walks: please walk us in the early morning or late evening this summer, as it’s too hot for us during the day. Would you walk in this heat with a fur coat on?

Preventing fleas: these annoy us more during summer, so please keep us clean with flea shampoos, treatments and sprays. Ticks, mosquitos and other pests might give us an itch this summer too!

Having a BBQ: we love sausages (yum!), but don’t leave the BBQ unattended if it’s still hot, as we will be tempted to lick it and we will burn our tongues!

Heat stroke in dogs: if we are panting more than usual, staring at you with an anxious expression, have dry skin, look dehydrated, have a rapid heartbeat, or we collapse, please cool us down and take us to the vet. To avoid this keep us out of the direct sun!

Dog sunburn prevention: you know how you’re constantly slapping on the SPF? Well we can get burnt too! Please take care of our paws, nose, ears and skin. Keep us in the shade or get some dog sunscreen.

Riding in the car: please don’t leave us in the car alone! Even with the window cracked, or parked in the shade, cars can skyrocket to very high heats and this is very dangerous (sometimes even fatal) for us! If we are going on an adventure together please put the windows down.

5 tips to keep your dog cool

Fill a paddling pool: most of us like water! We wouldn’t mind standing in some cool water to cool down our hot dog paws.

Create some shade: going out? Please ensure there is some shade for us to lie under. If we don’t have many trees in our backyard please set up a tent or umbrella.

Create a breeze: if we don’t have air conditioning in the house, maybe set up a fan to help us cool off!

Take us for a swim: pool, river, beach or lake, most of us love to swim! But be cautious of dramatic temperature changes, as this can cause overheating of our organs. Let our hot dog paws cool first please.

Make some ice: to keep our water bowls cold, add some ice please! We also enjoy iced treats; you could make these with some water and beef stock.

Please remember to keep these tips in mind this summer, as we want to keep your dogs safe and well. If you have a puppy or an elderly dog, take extra precaution as they are more susceptible to heat stroke.

Have any more questions on how to keep your pooch cool this summer? Give us a call on 09 448 2227, or pop in store! At Nose to Tail, we sell a variety of dog bowls and water toys!


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