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New products at Nose to Tail

Look what's new! Just arrived in NZ!

We have an exciting new range of products just in time for Xmas shopping for your furry friends.

AiKiou (pronounced “IQ”) designs cool interactive feeders, slow feeders and toys for dogs and cats.

Focussing on the health and well-being of your pet, award-winning AiKiou products:

  • Provide a more natural way of eating – satisfying their natural instinct to hunt and find food and treats
  • Stimulate your pet’s brain and make eating fun!
  • Slow down those fast eaters – no more vomiting or risk of bloat
  • Help with weight management - slower eating and more active eating helps keep them trim!
  • Are made from non-toxic, food grade materials – safe for your pet
  • Are recommended by veterinarians, animal behaviourists and pet parents!

Come on in to see our fantastic selection of AiKiou products (for dogs and cats) and choose your favourite colour – Xmas shopping for your furry friend sorted!

See how the interactive feeders work here

For cats

For dogs


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