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10 ways your dog says "I love you"

Dogs show you love in a hundred different ways. Some of these are obvious, but others you may not always notice.

Here is a list of just 10 signs your dog loves you – letting you get one step closer to understanding how your canine friend is feeling!

1. Looking into your eyes

So, how do dogs show love? According to dog-expert, Brian Hare, when your dog looks you in the eyes, he is “hugging you with his eyes.”

This is one of the ways that our canine-friends show us love, but it’s easy to miss if you don’t know what it means!

2. Yawning when you yawn

It’s common knowledge that yawns are contagious between humans. Perhaps less common is the fact that the echoing of yawns is actually empathetic behaviour.

Dogs emulate yawns for the same reason. While we can’t scientifically test if dogs really are empathetic, it is likely that dogs yawn at the same time as their owner due to the bond they share with them.

Research has also found that dogs are more likely to yawn when their owners yawn, as opposed to a stranger.

3. Cuddling you after a meal

Your dog may give you a cuddle before dinner, but it’s the after-dinner cuddles that count. Dogs are motivated first-and-foremost by food, but once they’ve eaten their beloved food, their next action can show what’s important to them besides eating.

So if you receive an after-dinner cuddle, it’s a sign your dog loves you!

4. Getting excited when you return home

This one most dog owners are well-aware of. When your dog runs around, barking crazily and jumping up when you return home, the behaviour is as simple as it appears to be: they are beyond happy to see you.

5. Bringing you their favourite toy

If your pup brings you their most treasured toy, it’s not simply an indication they want to play.

This behaviour is also because your dog sees you as the pack leader – and their favourite leader – and wants to try and please you by bringing you their finest possession, be it an old shoe or a well-worn ball.

6. Shadowing you when you’re sick or upset

Another subtle indicator that dogs are empathetic is the way that they can “sense” how people are feeling. As dogs are inherently social animals, they have the ability to care for members of their pack and look after those in need, partly why dogs are widely used as service dogs.

They may lick physical wounds, but that care also extends to recognising when you’re feeling sick or down and staying by your side. If you’re not feeling your best and your pup senses this, it’s another sign your dog loves you.

7. Wagging their tail

Tail-wagging is commonly taken as a sign of happiness, but that’s only part of the story. Dogs wag their tails to signify fear, tension and happiness.

Generally, when your dog’s tail is loose and relaxed, or swinging back and forth in a calm manner, they are feeling happy.

8. Jumping up on you

Not the most favourable behaviour, but when your pooch jumps up, it’s simply because he loves you. When you come home, your dog is so excited he can’t help but jump up to celebrate and show his pure joy at your return!

9. Giving you kisses

A tongue to the cheek may not be your favourite thing, but it’s a sign of affection left over from puppyhood. Whether you enjoy it or not is down to you!

10. Leaning on you for support

When they’re feeling unsure or simply want to be close to their loved ones, dogs will literally come and lean on you. This close proximity is a sign that they are comfortable and trusting of you and want you to give them some love!

Love goes both ways! There are countless signs your dog loves you, and countless ways you can love your dog! Make sure you are responding to your pup’s affection with lots of play-time, cuddles and extra-long walks at the park.

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