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6 Dog nutrition tips dog-owners should know

Tips for healthy dog food

If dogs ran the world, they’d be eating all the time. As we all know, our pups just love to eat. What’s more, they’ll eat absolutely anything!

That means it’s up to you as the owner to control just how much your dog eats. That includes making sure they’re getting all the different nutrients that they need from healthy dog food.

The nutritional needs of pups change throughout their lives, and vary greatly between different breeds, sizes and ages. But a balanced and varied diet is critical to your dogs health and happiness and deserves some thought!

The main thing to be aware of with dog nutrition is feeding your dogs high-quality, well-balanced healthy dog food and treats, and making sure they’re getting all their nutrients.

Next time you buy dog food, make sure you check out the ingredients on the label and avoid using long-life meals as a staple.

6 Dog nutrition tips

Just like humans, there are certain nutrients that dogs need for optimum health and happiness.

But fear not! You don’t have to be an expert nutritionist to know what’s healthy for your dog. To help you make better decisions for your pup’s diet, it’s important to know what their body needs.

Check out our dog nutrition tips below:

1. Keep ‘em hydrated!

Just like us, dogs are made up mostly of water. An adult dogs weight is comprised of as much as 60-70% water. So, you guessed it - water is essential for a healthy pooch!

A good general guideline for a well-watered dog is between 30-50ml of water per kilo of body weight daily.

When you’re home, make sure your dog has fresh water readily available, and if you’re heading out for a walk or to the park, take a water bottle and portable dog bowl with you.

2. Proteins are a staple

Proteins are essential for positive dog nutrition, encouraging muscle tone, strong bones, healthy nerve functioning and the healing of wounds.

That’s why meat and vegetables are so important in your dog’s diet. But not all proteins have the same value.

Ideally, the main source of protein should come from high-quality, well-sourced meat. The exact amount will vary pup-to-pup, but mature dogs in particular need smaller amounts in their food.

3. Fats aren’t all bad

Healthy skin and fur? Energy to run around the park? These things are all down to the amount of fat in a dogs diet.

Fats also help transfer the vitamins A, D, E and K around their bodies and provide essential fatty acids. Plus, they taste good and will have them wolfing down their dinners!

On the same note, stay away from feeding dogs of any age too much fat. Balance is everything.

4. The benefits of carbohydrates

Carbs keep dogs intestines healthy, prevent things like diarrhea and constipation and give their tissues energy so that protein can be saved and used when it’s needed.

Common carbohydrates used in healthy dog foods are cereal grains, such as barley or oats. Keep these in moderation but remember they are essential to a healthy diet!

5. A healthy dose of vitamins

Dogs need vitamins for their metabolisms to function normally. The main point to be aware of is that if you’re feeding your dog a balanced diet, they’ll get all the vitamins they need from their food.

Dogs should never be given vitamin supplements unless recommended first by a vet - having too many vitamins can be extremely dangerous.

6. Don’t forget minerals!

Minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium keep your pooches teeth and bones strong and help to maintain fluid balance within the body.

Minerals can be found in a wide array of food, and if you’re feeding your dog high-quality, healthy dog food, you’re probably covered.

In general fish, chicken, vegetables and dairy products hold the greatest quantity of minerals.

So there you have it - all the essential items for a healthy and balanced canine diet!

As long as you ensure you’re keeping your pooch fueled with high-quality dog food, and they’re getting the whole spectrum of nutrients, you’re in a good position to provide a long and happy life for your furry friend.

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