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Top tips for traveling with your dog

Tis the season of holidays and road trips, but before you head out camping with your dog, you’ve got to make sure you're traveling safe!
Whether your pup likes riding with his head out the window, or chilling in the backseat, it’s important to think of safety first.

Here are a few top tips for pet travel...

While there are no specific laws about driving with dogs, the NZ Road Code does state that having a dog on your lap while driving is dangerous. Both the police and SPCA recommend restraining pets in the car as the safest thing for both you and your furry friend.

Find what works for your pup. Harnesses like the PetBuckle Seat Belt are great for all types of dogs as they can fit a range of dog sizes! Truck tethers are also great for the bigger pup that likes riding in the back of the ute as it keeps them centered and secured.

For some pups, traveling in a crate is the best option. While it can be a bit scary for pups traveling in a crate for the first time, Cesar Milan, dog expert, says to “keep your energy positive. Don’t present the crate like it’s a prison. Show the dog the crate and open the door. Don’t shove the dog in the crate. Let him go into the crate on his own.”

When you buckle your pup in, make sure they’re secure and safe -- you don’t want them roaming all around the car, but you also don’t want them buckled in too tight.

Leaving a dog for even 5 minutes in a locked car can be seriously dangerous, especially on a hot day. Dog’s will suffocate and overheat if left in a car for even a short period of time. If you’re getting out of the car, take your pup with you, or tie them up in a safe, nearby spot outside and in the shade.

Just like us, dogs need breaks on road trips. Remember to stop every few hours to stretch your and your pooch’s legs. Grab a drink or snack and take in some fresh air. It’ll give them time to burn any pent-up energy and help them rest easier for the rest of the journey.

Did you know that Auckland has more boats per capita than anywhere else in the world?

Us Kiwi’s love getting out on the deck and for those heading out on the boat over summer, it can be a shame to leave your pup behind. Taking your dog out on the sea can be a great time, but it’s important to be prepared and know how to keep them safe.

The first thing you should do is have a plan in case your pup goes overboard. Have a chat about what you’d do, like cutting the engine and calling for them.
Like humans, dogs should wear lifejackets too. Even if their a confident swimmer, weather and sea conditions can make swimming difficult.

Doggy road trip checklist

  • Seat cover or blanket
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Paper towels
  • Poop bags
  • A happy pup!

Here at Nose to Tail, we’ve got a great range of dog harnesses, crate restraints, and life jackets for pups of all sizes. If you’ve got any questions about traveling with your dog, we’d love to help! Pop in store or give us a buzz on: 09 448 2227.


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