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Which dog bed is the best for your pup?

We all love our sleep. It is precious and, sometimes, hard to come by. This is why having the right bed matters -- it means you can enjoy the most out of life. This, of course, trickles down to our furry best friends. Their quality of life is tied directly to where they sleep as they spend a majority of their time sleeping …  must be nice!

So how do you choose the best dog bed?

It’s much more than just picking small dog beds for small dogs or large dog beds for big dogs. Comfort and health should top the list, of course, but figuring out which dog bed is the best can be difficult. After all, it’s not like your dog can speak up and tell you their preference; there’s no way of finding out if they want firm over plush.

However, you can still make a good case on a dog bed based on your dog’s size and age. Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer, also suggests considering the quality of the bed as well as the ease of cleaning when you find a possible bed match. Do a little bit of research online. What do other dog owners say about the model and/or brand? Above all, it is important to choose a bed that is big enough to support your dog’s body when they are stretched out.

“Sleep is the best meditation.” - Dalai Lama

As a rule of thumb, we suggest picking a bed that is at least five inches longer and wider than your dog. Here are some guidelines to consider based on your pup’s breed and age:

Small to medium dogs

The great thing about beds for smaller dogs is that they take up less space in your home. You can be more flexible about where your pup sleeps and what type of bed they’ll be snoozing in. Make sure to buy a dog bed in proportion with your dog’s size as size does matter in regards to rest. A bed that is too large might make your dog feeling insecure whereas a bed that is too small will make it difficult to find comfort. Nest style dog beds are a popular option for small and medium-sized breeds.

Large to extra large dogs

Most large dog beds are thick and made of memory foam. This helps to give your dog plenty of cushioning against the hard floor. This style will flatten out over time so you’ll need to purchase a replacement at some point. Another option to consider is a crib mattress dog bed with spring coils to provide greater support over a longer period of time. Both styles let your big dog stretch out for maximum comfort.

Dogs with long or thick fur

As you have probably noticed during summer and hot days, thick-haired or long-haired dogs have a quicker tendency to get hot. If this is the case with your dog, the best bed choice for you would be a cot style bed. A cot bed usually features a mesh material for the dog to lay on in addition to legs that elevate the bed off the ground. These two features allow for plenty of air circulation. These beds are also great for older dogs with bladder issues because of the ease of cleaning. Plus, these style of beds makes for a great outdoor dog bed!

Elderly dogs

Elderly dogs and dogs that have movement and flexibility concerns need beds that are supportive. This means their beds should be thick and provide plenty of pushback rather than simply sinking or relocating filling when the dog lies on the bed. A good option to help alleviate the joint tension is an orthopaedic memory foam bed. This type of bed conforms to your dog’s shape while providing support for aching joints. Keep in mind that memory foam beds hold in odors!

Keep space in consideration

Corner beds -- if your dog fits --  are a great option to save space because they fit where most furniture items don’t, making good use of dead space. Alternatively, if your dog sleeps outside, make sure to choose a bed that resists mold, fungus, and other environmental hazards to avoid health issues. And remember - a dog bed doesn’t have to cost you major $$$ to help your dog get major ZZZs. We have some great, affordable dog beds for sale.

If you have any questions about any of the dog beds we have on offer, please feel free to get in touch. Pop in store or give us a call: 09 448 2227


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