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Auckland’s best dog-friendly cafes

Who’s hungry?

Finding a place where both you and your pup can hang can be tough. Of course there’s dog parks and dog-friendly beaches, but what about when you want to have a bite to eat?

Fear not! Auckland’s got plenty of great dog-friendly cafes, restaurants and pubs so you won’t have to leave your best friend home alone when you want to eat out.

What’s the right doggy etiquette?

When dining with your pup, you’ve got to remember there are others around you, too. There’s nothing worse than your dog getting loose and chowing down on a strangers burger! But don’t worry, there are a few tricks to help with your dog’s dining etiquette:

Check before eating
Most places with outdoor seating will be pretty friendly when it comes to pets, but it’s always good to ask when you go in. You don’t want some angry waitstaff kicking you and your pup out!

While some places have their own dog bowls, it’s always good to bring your own to make sure your dog doesn’t go thirsty while you sip on your beer.

Snacks on hand
There’s nothing worse than a hungry pup. Even worse: a hungry pup at a busy restaurant. Make sure you feed your dog before you sit down to eat or have some doggy snacks on you so they keep off your meal.

Keep ‘em close
It’s easy for even the most well-trained pups to get distracted. Keeping your dog on a leash while you’re eating is safer for everyone.

Dog-friendly spots in Auckland

La Cigale French market in Parnell
Bite down on some delicious pastries or a yummy sweet crepe at this bustling dog-friendly market.
This weekend spot is a favourite among local dog-owners, with a unique range of international food
stalls. It’s even got a stall just for dog treats, so you can be certain little Rover won’t miss out!

Cornwall Park Cafe
Grab a spot at Cornwall Park’s popular cafe. With plenty of outdoor seating, there’s heaps of room for you to relax and have your coffee while your pup plays around the park.

Mission Bay
If it’s a sunny day in Auckland, you’re bound to find loads of dog-owners and their furry friends wandering along Mission Bay. Take your pick from a range of cafes and restaurants that look out towards a stellar view of Rangitoto Island. After you’re done sipping on your latte, why not take your pup out on the beach for a roam?

Hallertau Brewery
Us kiwis love our craft beer. So why not enjoy it with your furry friend? West Auckland’s Hallertau Brewery is a great spot to go for a brew with your pup. Their big outdoor space means there’s plenty of room for you and your dog!

L’Oeuf cafe
This Mt Albert cafe is a bit of a favourite among the locals. Dig into some killer asian-inspired breakfast dishes while your pup chows down on some of their own home-made doggy treats!

Of course, there’s loads more dog-friendly cafes, pubs and restaurants around. Pet’s Allowed is a great website that helps you search for pet-friendly business around New Zealand.

We’ve got a great range of dog bowls, leashes and all you need when taking your pup to your new favourite food-spot. Check them out in store or give us a call: 09 448 2227


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