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Renting with a dog: it’s “paws-ible”!

Finding a place to rent in Auckland is difficult. But finding one to live in with your beloved pup(s) can be much harder.

The latest trend has been to ban pets from rental properties, making the number of units accepting pets, let alone dogs, quite low.

But finding a dog friendly property to rent doesn’t have to be “Mission Impaws-ible”. Especially when you consider these tips and use them proactively.

Photo courtesy of  Austin Kirk

Securing a dog friendly property

When renting with a dog, you have to be prepared to “wow” your potential landlord.

Think of it as your dog applying for a job. You need to provide a good “work” history as well as people who can vouch for your pet’s exemplary behaviour. Be sure to include:

  • Relevant pet information. A photo of your dog, information on its breed, size, personality traits, health, training and proof of registration should all be included.
  • Glowing references from previous landlords. Neighbours are also perfectly acceptable. Make sure to provide contact details for your references!
  • Offer a doggy bond. This is just an additional security in case to put the property owner’s mind at ease.
  • Offer to have carpets professionally cleaned. Although most tenancy agreements state that you will have carpets professionally cleaned at end of tenancy, explicitly state you are more than prepared to do this.

So, if you find a place that is suitable for you and your furry best friend -- a place with perimeter fencing and gates -- take the next steps toward success. Prove your dog is an attractive candidate by providing their CV.

But where can you find rentals that welcome dogs?

Whether you are using Trade Me or a specific property management service, you have to know how to search properly for a rental okay with pets.

In the Trade Me search function there is a box you can select (Pets OK) to help refine your search.

Also, try using these keywords when searching for pet friendly rental properties:

  • pet friendly rentals Auckland,
  • dog ok,
  • dogs allowed,
  • dogs negotiable,
  • dogs okay,
  • dogs neg,
  • pets ok,
  • pets negotiable,
  • pets considered,
  • pets welcome,
  • pets yes

Additionally, you can join the Pet Friendly Rental NZ Facebook group to help you find a pet friendly rental property as well as search for potential places on

During your hopefully not-too-long search, make sure to stay “paws-itive” and keep your head up. After all, there are heaps of people in Auckland who love and cherish dogs as much as you do.

Are you on the hunt for a dog friendly rental property? Please feel free to give us a bell if you are -- we have a great network of dog lovers!


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