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Dog allergies - what an itch!

Summer dog allergies are nothing to sniff at

When it comes to our furry best friends, there are usually two types of allergies they suffer from:

  • allergies from food
  • allergies from their environment

And while reactions to food allergies should definitely be monitored, most dog allergies tend to occur because of environmental interactions.

Seasonal changes -- summer, spring, winter, and autumn -- all bring distinctive allergens with them.

If your pup gets randomly itchy, he/she is probably reacting to seasonal allergens.

If the excessive itchiness tends to linger, your dog’s reaction may be to something more constant in his or her environment, including something in their diet.

What to look out for: dog allergies symptoms

As a general rule of thumb, if your dog has allergies, their skin will become very itchy.

You will notice your dog starting to scratch excessively. Your dog might even gnaw or chew at certain areas of his or her body.

If the itching gets too much, you will also notice your pup rubbing up against surfaces like furniture. The carpet or coffee table suddenly becomes the perfect spot to rub their face.

Above all, your pup will try to relieve the miserable itchiness by any means possible.

As the itch-scratch cycle continues, the skin will become inflamed and tender to the touch. According to iheartdogs, other signs of allergic dermatitis include areas of hair loss, open sores on the skin, and scabbing.

For a more detailed doggie allergy checklist, please check out these 10 signs your dog has seasonal allergies by iheartdogs.

We also have some great sprays and creams in store in the case it is just a seasonal contact allergy, such as Essentia.

Additionally, we have Eza Pet cinnamon salve as well as quite a few other creams and shampoos that will relieve the itch and stop them doing more damage to the area, such as causing a secondary infection.

If your pup continues to scratch after you remove suspected allergens, please contact your vet. If you need help finding a vet, please feel free to give us a bell – we know quite a few!


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