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Stay cool with our summer dog activities

Hot dog! 5 things to do with your dog in the summer

What better way to kickstart the year than keeping active and social with “pawesome” summer dog activities?

Here are Nose to Tail’s top five dog friendly activities for this summer

1. Turn on your sprinklers. Keeping your lawns fresh and your pup entertained this summer by using your sprinklers.

Not only will your dogs keep cool and hydrated during the summer heat, but your grass will be lively and green too!

2. Head to the beach. The beach is a place with endless amounts of fun for you and your dog. You can splash in the ocean water and play heaps of games, such as catch or frisbee.

Just remember to double check the heat of the sand! If you can burn your feet, your dogs can burn their paws!

3. Take a hike. Yes, go out and explore the beauty of New Zealand this summer and take your pup along during a tramping trip or a camping holiday. Your dog will love being out in the wild and you will love the fresh air.

Just make sure to keep an eye on your dog as a strong smell or a small animal can lead your dog on a misadventure.

4. Fire up the grill. Not only is a barbecue a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family, but it is wonderful experience for your pup to be social. And who knows … your dog might luck into some tasty treats fumbled by a guest, too!

5. Watch a movie. With movies being played in parks throughout Auckland this summer, it’s a great time to walk your dog and enjoy a film with some friends and family. Check out the film schedule here.

Summer is a great time to get out and play – especially for your pup! So enjoy the sun while it’s out.  Just remember to be safe.

If you are looking for even more summer activities you can appreciate with your furry best friend, check out this list from dog whisperer Cesar Milan.

What summertime activities do you enjoy with your dog? Were they on our list? Remember sharing is caring!


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