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Nose to Tail’s November Specials!

Elevated food bowls -- up to 50% off!

Getting pets to drink more water can be frustrating. Cleaning water bowls, however, can be even more frustrating -- things can get quite icky and slimy!

For dog owners, or pet owners in general, who don’t want to constantly deal with a dirty water bowl, the Dogit Design Fresh and Clear Dog Drinking Fountain is a great option.

The device holds up to six litres of water that is circulated and aerated to maintain a fresh and crisp taste that encourages dogs, and even cats, to drink more.The bowl is also elevated, which helps protect your dog’s joints.

It also has a filtration system that ensures water is always safe to drink. Plus it is easy to clean!

Special price for Christmas Dog Fountain. Normally $89.90, now $69!

Cat Fountain Normally $79.90, now $59!


GO! & now fresh dog and cat dry food -- stock up for Xmas!

$5 off small bags (Cat 1.81kg; Dog 2.72kg)
$7 off medium bags(Cat 3.63kg; Dog 5.44kg)
$15 off large bags (Dog 11.34kg)


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