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Help! My dog ate my home(work)!

If the shoe fits: destructive behaviour in dogs

Dogs, as we all know, are loveable little creatures who like to have fun. And when they are having fun, you know it!

But you also know when they are not having fun. Yes, dog behaviour problems stemming from stress or an underlying medical condition can become problematic.

Ripped carpets. Unrepairable sofas. Destroyed shoes. Demolished gardens. When your home is slowly resembling the aftermath of World War III, it’s almost enough to begin plotting revenge on your furry friend … almost.

Of course you know your dog’s destructive behaviour isn’t a personal attack against you, but why are they caught in a cycle of destruction? Something is causing stress.

What kind of destructive behaviour is my dog showing?

Unsure where your pup’s behaviour fits?

Our good pals at PetMD have put together a handy guide to help you distinguish what type of destructive behaviour your dog is exhibiting. Find out where your dog’s behaviour fits so you can start working out a plan to help your friend.

Get a professional diagnosis

When behavioural problems arise -- even if you are certain you know the cause -- it is still a good idea to get a professional involved.

Book an appointment with your local veterinarian and bring as much information about your dog's destructive behaviour as possible. This information will help your veterinarian pinpoint or rule out possible causes.

Consider these questions before you see your vet:

  • When and where was your dog trained? Who trained your dog?
  • How often does your dog get exercise? What kind of exercise is it? Walking? Running?
  • When did you first notice the destructive behaviour?
  • Do you have photographic references of the destructive aftermath?
  • How long has this behaviour been going on for?
  • Have you noticed any triggers that set off the unwanted behaviours? For instance, does your dog exhibit nervous tendencies when you pick up your car keys?

The dog owner who gets help with deciphering the destruction puzzle is the dog owner who will have the most success in correcting destructive behaviours.

Is your dog showing any destructive behaviours? Do you need new chew toys? Are you looking for a good vet? If you need assistance in figuring out your dog’s destructive behaviour please give us a bell on 09 448 2227.


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