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Five great springtime activities

Spring chicken? More like spring dog!

Spring is synonymous with new beginnings. So this spring, let’s get into the spirit and refresh our daily exercise routines with our favourite furry friends.

Not only is it beneficial to your dog’s health, but you’re getting some exercise, too! It’s a win-win situation really.

Here are five fun outdoor activities you can embark on with your dog this spring:

Walk the walk: shed some of that winter weight

It happens to all of us: we put on a couple kilos during the winter months. It’s way too cold to be outside. And sometimes our furry friends also gain a little weight. Fortunately, spring is a wonderful time to get outside and see all that nature has to offer. The blossoming trees, the budding flowers and, of course, the sunshine are enough reasons to want to take a tramp. Visit your local park and take your dog with you. They will love taking in all the new sights and smells.

Catch up with some mates: plan a doggy play date

Who doesn’t love catching up with friends? What better way to get out of the house than with a doggy play date! Get in touch with a few of your friends who also have dogs, and schedule a time to get together. Your pups can play while you have quality friend time.

Soak the beach sun

As previously mentioned in our first newsletter article, the beach is a great space for some spring and summer fun. Our carefree canines can’t control themselves when faced with heaps of sand and surf. The beach is the perfect place to spend a little spring break. Work on your tan while your pup gets some well-deserved outdoor time.

Camp it up!

Spring is a great time to introduce camping to your furry best friend. Do a bit of research online, find a pet-friendly campsite, and take plenty of treats. And most importantly, make sure there’s enough room in the tent for everyone.

Lead a dog to water

After a nice long walk with your pup, cool off with the sprinkler. Have you ever seen a dog try to bite the water? Not only is it entertaining for us, but they love it too. Let your furry friend splash around and enjoy every moment of it. Just be sure you have a towel on hand to wipe his wet feet before going back indoors. Nothing wrecks a beautiful spring moment like a bunch of mess to clean up after!

Being stuck inside all winter can become quite boring for your dog after a while. So while you might be appreciating the warmer weather and longer days, your dog is itching to get outside too.

So dust off your activewear and shoes, it’s time to break out your dog’s favourite lead and dig into some fun spring activities!

Did we overlook some fun springtime activities? What’s your favourite thing to do with your dog during the warmer seasons? Give us a bell in store on 09 448 2227.


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