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Don’t make waves with bad beach etiquette

How to look good on the beach

Spring and summer equal beach time. It’s a wonderful place to be with family and friends. And our dogs (who are our family and friends anyway)!

But before hitting the waves, you need to make sure you and your furry friend are up to date with all beach laws and etiquette.

Here are Nose to Tail’s hot tips:

Take the lead

Before heading to the beach, know the local dog lead laws as well as opening hours for beach activity. If the beach allows dogs off-leads, make sure you have absolute verbal control over your pet.

It’s not fun or a good look if your pup is disrupting nesting shorebirds or chasing birds on the beach. Many bird species use beaches as stopovers during their migrations. When running from dogs, birds burn valuable energy needed for their journey.

Speaking of burning, make sure the sand isn’t too hot for your pups. You won’t believe how many dogs are rushed to the vet when they burn their poor little paws.

Just think to yourself: is the sand too hot on my feet? If you find yourself skipping on the sand to avoid scorching your skin, it’s a pretty clear indication that it will be too hot for your dog as well.

Don’t make a mess on the beach

When nature calls, your dog answers ….

But that doesn’t mean you should let your dog’s business become a hot mess. When the inevitable happens, don’t bury it in the sand or throw it in the ocean. Clean it up (preferably with a biodegradable doggie bag) and chuck it into a rubbish bin.

Left on the beach, dog waste can be a health hazard to other beachgoers, other dogs, and wildlife.

Be attentive

Make sure to keep an eye on your dog at all times. Many things can (and will) happen.

Your dog could:

  • burn their paws on the sand;
  • poop without you seeing it so it can be cleaned up;
  • run on a person sunbathing or bump into children building sand castles;
  • get sick from sun/heat stroke or from drinking too much salt water;
  • get into trouble with ocean currents;
  • harm or be harmed by wildlife;
  • injure another dog; or
  • bite a human.

Keeping these etiquette tips in mind, your day at the beach can a fun, adventurous day, filled with amazing memories.

Did your last beach trip leave you with a salty dog? Stop by and take advantage of our self-service dog washing stations, or give us a bell on 09 448 2227 to make a grooming appointment.


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