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5 tips on keeping your dog healthy

Healthy = happy

As dog groomers, we know how important it is to keep your dog healthy. It determines their quality of life.

Taking your pup to a vet once a year should be a given. During this annual catch up, your vet will be able to spot anything dramatically impactful to his/her life.

In the meantime, however, you can do your own springtime check up. These warmer and longer days allow you more time to gauge how your pup is doing. Here are a few opportunities in making a home visit as comfortable as possible.

Nose to Tail’s five springtime tips on keeping your dog healthy

1. Know your dog’s weight.

Keeping in mind your dog’s breed, what is an ideal and healthy weight for your dog? If they are too heavy, it means more activity is probably in order. If they are too light, perhaps a change in diet is in order. If you encounter any difficulties throughout this process, please contact your vet.

2. Keep your dog hydrated

Does your pup suffer from mild dehydration? Signs include a dry mouth, panting, and a loss of skin elasticity. If you notice any of these signs, pour Pedialyte into your pup’s water bowl to quickly replace electrolytes. Drinking water will replace most electrolytes, but drinking Pedialyte quickly replaces minerals like potassium and sodium.

3. Regular grooming

Keeping your furry best friend well-groomed isn’t just for looks. While brushing does a great job of removing dead hair, regular trims can allow allow your pup to see well and will prevent eye irritation, which can occur if your pup’s hair grows too long. Additionally, grooming helps prevent ear infections, which are especially prevalent in floppy-eared dogs.

Need help with grooming? Get your dog groomed at Nose to Tail - we can do it for you or you can use our self-service facilities too.

4. Flea from the scene!

If your pup is continuously itching and scratching, this is probably your first clue that fleas are abound. If you look closely, you may actually see the little dark brown bugs. So what do you do? You can purchase spot-on applications, which are dabbed between a dog’s shoulder blades each month. Alternatively, you can also purchase pills. These are also effective for a month.

5. Have safe fun in the sun

If your dog spends time outside, prevent sunburn on nose, ears, and other vulnerable areas - you don’t like to be sunburnt so imagine what it is like for your dog! Apply a light coat of sunscreen (with an SPF of 15 or higher). If they are preoccupied with the lotion during application, try distracting them with some food. If your dog licks off the sunscreen, apply more.

Need help with getting rid of fleas? Need guidance about your dog’s ideal weight? Want to know more about our grooming services? Give us a bell in store on 09 448 2227


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