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How grooming impacts your pup’s health

Grooming is about more than just having a pretty and pampered pet -- although they do deserve it from time to time! While grooming you’re also tackling potential health conditions and keeping your dog more comfortable. Spot health problems before they become serious or even life-threatening.

Brushing can be a revelation. Along with smoothing out your pup’s hairs, brushing helps to remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff.

Routine brushing also helps to bring out the natural oils in the dog’s fur. As you brush, the natural oils are spread all over your puppy’s fur giving the coat a healthier sheen.

Grooming also allows you to check your dog for any abnormalities. This includes problems such as:

  • Ticks
  • Fleas and dry patches
  • Issues with nails, teeth, ears, and eyes such as infection or inflammation.

When found at an early stage, these problems can be treated before they have a chance to become more serious.

All in all, grooming keeps your dog happy and healthy. So make sure to keep your dog properly and consistently groomed.

Need help with grooming?

At Nose to Tail, we believe dogs who are regularly groomed tend to have a healthier and shinier coat as well as less skin irritations due to knots and heat issues. Plus, let’s not forget how popular a clean and stylish dog is!

Cost of grooming depends on size, breed and coat condition. This is a rough guide to pricing:

Small dogs, ie Bichons, Maltese types -- $69 - $72
Medium dogs, ie Spaniels Wheatons -- $79 - $89
Large dogs, ie Golden Retrievers -- $89 - $99
Giant breeds, ie Newfoundlands -- $99+

All grooms include brushing out, clipping or scissoring, washing and drying, ears cleaned, nails cut.

Face trims, groin clips, hygiene clips, foot trims and any other requirements can also be performed. Please ring us to find out more!

An appointment is necessary for grooming. Additionally, a more accurate quote can be given upon seeing the dog. Also, If there is a certain hair cut that you have seen previously, please bring a photograph for our groomers.

  • To provide quality grooming for your dog in a safe and friendly environment.
  • To ensure your dog has a positive experience so that they not only look good, but feel good.
  • For each dog to be treated with the utmost respect and care.
  • To understand and achieve specific grooming requests.
  • Rest breaks are provided for young, elderly or easily stressed dogs.
  • We keep an updated record for each dog we groom

Want to know more about our grooming services? Want to make a grooming appointment? Give us a bell in store on 09 448 2227


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