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Kong - the perfect rainy day toy

Kongs are hollow, rubber toys made by the Kong Company. They are virtually indestructible (honestly!) to dogs and are easily filled with all sorts of treats to keep them happily chewing.

Kongs are available in different sizes to suit different breeds. You can also get puppy Kongs made of slightly different rubber to suit a puppy’s teeth.

The Kong Company also make pastes and biscuits to help fill their Kongs, which you will find popping up in our recipes.

But you don’t necessarily need a Kong to get Kong stuffing! Other manufacturers make similar toys to stuff. Alternatively, you could also use something like an empty calcium bone.

Click on this link -- it will give you heaps of ideas. Our boys love corned beef, carrot and cheese best of all. What does your pup love to eat?

When beginning, make sure the stuffing is quite easy to remove -- if it’s too hard to dislodge initially, it can be quite frustrating for your pup. Once they get the hang of it, make the food harder to dislodge.

It takes more time and brainpower to remove the food when it’s lodged in tightly. It is quite quite interesting to watch how different dogs work out the Kong. Some pups have quite ingenious ways of getting it out! Watch your dog!

But perhaps one of the best things about Kongs are that they are both microwave and dishwasher proof! Easy cooking and easy cleaning!

Try this: grate cheese and pop into the microwave.for a few seconds -- the cheese gets splattered and your pup has to really work hard at getting it.

Want to know more about Kongs and/or Kong stuffing?
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