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Groomed for success - meet Samantha!

Name: Samantha Martindale
Role: Groomer

How long have you worked with Nose To Tail? What is your role and what brought you here?

I started 5th March 2016 - I wanted to extend on my experience as a groomer’s assistant.

Do you have any dogs/pets of your own? If so, what kind? What are their names?

Ans: I have two dogs, a Westie (Jake) & a Shitzu (Marley). I have two cats,

Whiskers & Turbo, I have fish & birds & 3 horses Storm, Tinker & Kodak

What’s the strangest task you have ever been asked to complete at work?

I have been asked to give a dog a Mohawk.

Do you have any hobbies/interests outside of work?

I enjoy horse riding and family time as well as socialising with friends and walks on the beach with my dogs.

One thing people don’t know about you?

I am a natural blonde!

Do you have a motto or quote you like or live by?

“Sing like nobody can hear you, dance like nobody's watching, live as if every day is your last”

If you have any more questions for Samantha, or if you would like to add a dog-related story of your own, please give Nose to Tail a call on 09 448 2227.


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