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Model behaviour: the Napier and Wairoa Championship Dog Show

An international dog and pony show

With judges hailing from Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, the Philippines and Australia, Napier Kennel Centre president Carol Kerr stated the seven judges would analyse and critique the canines' conformation during the two-day event, at Hawke's Bay Racecourse, Hastings.

While most dog shows focus on obedience and agility, the dogs - with at least 80 different breeds participating - in this show would judged on their breed’s show standards. "It's very complex," Ms Kerr said. "Every breed has a different standard; you don't compare a german shepherd to a doberman."

Ms Kerr said the dogs had to do what they were bred to do. "A gun dog would need to be able to stay out in the field all day, for example."

Role models

There are seven different roles the contestant dogs aspire to win: best toy, best terrier, best gundog, best hound, best non-sporting dog, utility and best working dog. Upon winning the role, the top seven face off for the top award: Best in Show

In preparation for a show, the breeds endure - or get pampered, depending on your view - a lengthy groom. Their nails are clipped and their fur is washed so they look their best on the big day.

Congratulations to all the winners and contestants. You can find all winners as well as all the contestants here.

Have you ever entered your dog in a dog show? Do you have pictures that scream “dog show”? Please share your stories and pictures with us and pop into our store!


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