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Molting? Don’t shed a tear … just the hair!

The solution is easy. Find the right tool for your dog’s coat and dislodge all the dead coat. This is best done while your dog is dry; a dry coat can be easily removed while a wet coat is a nightmare in fur. We recommend before a bath as you can remove the hair and get a good scrub in.

Come in for a bath and we can help you find the right tool for your deshedding needs. Or just pop in and ask us for a demo of one of these great deshedding tools. We’ll be more than happy to show you!

The Team’s Top Picks for fast and effective de-shedding:

Andis Shedder. An absolute must for short coated dogs. It removes copious amounts of dead coats. It is effortless for you, and gentle for your dog.

Shedder. Ideal for all coat types. An easy method to remove top coats.

The Zoom Groom. This is great for lathering up when you shampoo, ensuring a deep cleansing of the skin. Or you can just use it to remove loose hair, as it has a static effect that grabs the hair. Great for removing hair from the car or sofa, too.

Mars Coat King. This is the best and easiest tool to use on long or short coat dogs, to remove their undercoat with minimal time and effort.

Dematting tool. Use this when things have gone too far and there are solid mats in the coat. This tool will break them up.

We are more than happy to give you a demo of these tools, and are of course always here to get the job done for you. Feel free to pop in and see us, or give us a call 09 448 2227 to book a groom.


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