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The Dog Days of Summer: 5 Ways to Beat the Heat

If you are hot, then it most likely means your dog is hot. However, there are actually quite a few tell-tale signs that indicate that your dog is getting too hot. These include, but are not limited to: rapid heavy panting/hyperventilation; glassy eyes; warm, dry skin; fever; rapid heartbeat; diarrhea; and vomiting.

But before it gets to that stage, try to keep your dog cool during a hot summer dog with one (or several) of these 5 tips:

1. Create a Cool Collar

Take a T shirt, or a small towel, get it wet, freeze it, and then tie it around your dog’s neck for an instant way to cool off.

2. Puppy Paddling Pool

A normal kiddie pool makes a great dog pool. Fill it up with some water and toys and you’re off to a fun dog day of summer! If you are worried about your pup slipping, just add some bathtub non-slip decals to the bottom before filling.

3. A Frozen Treat

No, it’s not an air-conditioned viewing of the Disney animated film (although it does sound nice); we’re talking actual frozen goodness. Nothing cools a dog off like a nice frozen treat. And it keeps them BUSY! Just take a bowl, pour water, add some treats and toys into the water and freeze. When hard, take out the bowl and turn upside down. Wait until the ice melts enough to slide it out, and PRESTO: you've got an amazing frozen doggy treat!

4. Common Cool Ground

If your dog has to walk on asphalt around your property, you can spread tarps down and use your hose to run water over the surface, making it nice and cool for your pup’s paw pads.

5. Sprinkle Some Cool

Your lawns need to be watered. So do your plants and veggies. So why not your dog? Either turn on the sprinklers or grab your hose and watch your dog’s eyes light up in the sight of glorious, cold water.

What are you favourite summer activities with your dog? If you would like to share a fun and cool activity, please give us a bell in store on 09 448 2227.


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