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Black Hawk Original Adult Lamb and Rice Cat Food 3kg

Black Hawk



With real Australian Lamb as a distinct protein source for lean muscles, healthy bones and overall health and vitality.

This dry cat food is made with real Australian lamb. It is a tasty protein, essential for building healthy bones and lean body mass, as well as providing B group vitamins and iron, which may support cardiovascular health. It is made with rice, an excellent source of carbohydrate to help provide energy to the body and brain.

Chicory root, a natural prebiotic, is included to aid intestinal health and the addition of yogurt provides a great source of calcium, potassium and magnesium to support healthy bone growth and maintenance.

Key Benefits

  • Rich in protein 
  • 32% Real meat proteins from Australian lamb, vegetables and grains
    16% High quality fats from a blend of healthy fats and oils
  • Plus Emu Oil For supporting skin, coat and joints health
  • Chicory root benefits gut bacteria to help boost nutrient absorption
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