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Black Hawk Original Adult Chicken and Rice Cat Food 3kg

Black Hawk



With real Australian Chicken for strong muscles, healthy bones and overall health and vitality.

This dry cat food is made with Australian chicken, a delicious and lean protein packed with amino acids, which are essential for building healthy bones and strong muscles. Chicken also provides vitamins B3 and B6, which aid metabolism. Rice is included as an excellent source of carbohydrates to provide energy to the body and brain.

Chicory root, a natural prebiotics, is included to aid intestinal health, and the addition of eggs, a complete source of essential amino acids, supports muscle growth and repair.

Key Benefits

  • Rich in protein 
  • 32% Real meat proteins from Australian chicken, vegetables and grains
    16% High quality fats from a blend of healthy fats and oils
  • Plus Emu Oil For supporting skin, coat and joints health
  • Chicory root benefits gut bacteria to help boost nutrient absorption
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