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Answering your canine questions

Every day we get asked all sorts of canine questions about dog grooming, hydrotherapy, nutrition and our self-grooming dog wash. If you have a question about our services, please view our frequently asked questions below or talk to one of our team.

Do I need an appointment or can I just come in anytime?

Yes, an appointment is necessary for Grooming, Hydrotherapy and if you are wanting us to wash your dog for you. However if you are wanting to use our Self Service facility, appointment is not necessary.

Do I wash my dog myself or can I have you do it for me?

The answer is ‘yes’ to both parts of your question. Our specially designed ‘dog friendly’ wash stations make it easy to bath and dry your dog yourself. A waterproof smock keeps any splashes off your clothing. The first time you come to Nose to Tail we help you through the steps and show you how to use the equipment. If you prefer we do have a valet service. Simply make an appointment and then drop off your dog. You’re welcome to stay and watch or you can come back later.

My dog has very sensitive skin what should I use?

The only shampoos used at Nose to Tail are our own brand locally hand made and vegetable based. No chemicals, no petrochemicals, no parabens. Our shampoos also contain essential oils to soothe skin and prevent dryness. However you are welcome to bring your own shampoo.

How often should a dog be washed?

More often than you think. About every two weeks is a general rule of thumb but some dogs lead lives that can mean washing more than once a week. Regardless of how often, our Nose to Tail shampoos will prevent skin dryness.

What hours are you open?

We're open 9am until 6pm everyday.

My dog spreads hair all over the house, what can I do?

We have a great range of special tools for all coat types that will remove all the moulting hair from the coat. We can show you which tools will work best for the coat type of your dog. The more loose hair you remove, at the change of a season particularly, the better the result and the longer the dog will smell better. Our blow dryers are fantastic for getting all the loose hair out of the coat.

My dog hates having a bath. How can I remove the stress from both of us?

Some dogs do have an aversion to baths. The key is to be as matter of fact as possible, and make it as pleasurable as possible. There are always treats on hand these help to get the dog thinking “This isn’t so bad”. There aren’t many dogs that can’t resist the rubber brush provided used as a massage to lather up the shampoo and get to all those hard to get to places like the base of the tail. Most of them are in 7th heaven by the time you have you have got the shampoo right through their coat. After that a warm rinse and a towel dry they accept what ever you are doing.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs how will he cope?

We have lots of dogs come in that aren’t happy about other dogs. The cubicles are set up so that no dog actually looks at another dog. They are completely secure in their cubicle. There are no territory issues. There are times that are quiet normally the end of the day, which could be an ideal time to bring your dog so other dogs don’t bother it.

Do you cut nails?

Yes, there is always someone on hand that is proficient at nail cutting.

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