Pampering pups with hydrotherapy and dog grooming

Here at Nose To Tail Dog Wash, we’re a team of like-minded dog-lovers. As pet owners, we know all too well what a challenge it can be to clean and groom your pooch. So, we are here to help! 

We're committed to caring for, and keeping your fur-babies clean. We do this by careful dog grooming and cleaning, as well as providing hydrotherapy for injured and elderly dogs.

Dog washing Auckland since 2002
Dog washing services auckland

Our squeaky clean dog grooming services

We offer the choice of valet or DIY pet grooming services, as well as our attentive hydrotherapy care. We also have a well-stocked shop with everything your pup could wish for – treats, toys, shampoo – you name it. We even have the best cleaning products to get dog pee out of the carpet!

If you want to treat your furry friend to a full pampering, our valet dog grooming service is the way to go. We will give your dog a full brush, wash and dry, as well as a fur trim (if required), nail cut and a thorough clean of their ears!

Our DIY dog wash facilities are well-equipped with a purpose-built cleaning station and an eco-friendly wash pack; everything you need to make your pup squeaky clean. We also offer this service to owners bringing their own shampoo.

The team at Nose to Tail are proud of our Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Centre. We are blessed to have the facilities to help your injured or elderly pup’s make a speedy recovery and improve their quality of life.

With our professional dog grooming service, we’ll treat your pup to a full wash, dry, cut and pamper. Our team goes the extra mile adding styling, trims and of course, lots of cuddles!

All dog sizes and shapes welcome

We support all kinds of dogs at Nose to Tail – big, small, long haired, shorted haired – all are welcome!  Uniquely, we also support pet grooming for rabbits!


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